April 15

How To Hear God’s Voice Today


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I’m really excited because I just released my new eBook, How To Hear God’s Voice. Inside, I’ll walk you through eight simple, practical steps to help you get closer to God so that you can learn to hear his voice with confidence.

You can hear God’s voice – today!

Get your copy here.

How To Hear God's Voice 3D Cover

An Experience Of God’s Voice

I first became a Christian when I was 21 (hint: a long time ago!). It happened while I was a student living in halls. Some of my friends persuaded me to go along to an event at the local Civic Hall, as it was then known.

I found out that the Civic Hall was being linked up with other venues around the country and that this was going to be a national event. The speaker was Billy Graham.

As you might expect, he talked about Jesus and the cross. I thought I’d heard the message before, but something happened to me when he called people forward for prayer: I met with God.

“Something happened to me …I met with God.”

In fact, I didn’t get out of my seat. I just sat in my chair, feeling unsure of myself. I wanted to take part in what was going on, but I didn’t understand it. My hands were shaking and I wondered what on earth was happening.

But God met me where I was and I had a very real encounter with him. It was only later that I understood it was God’s voice that was prompting me to go forward.

How To Hear God’s Voice: A Passion For God’s Presence

That initial encounter with God was to be the first of many. Since then, it has become my passion to know God’s presence and to help others to have the same experience.

I wrote How To Hear God’s Voice to help you do just that: to get close to God, so you can hear him too.

Prayer isn’t just a one-way thing. We miss out on so much if we only ever pray with a list of “stuff” that we want God to sort out, but never ask him for his opinion.

On the other hand, it’s all too easy for space or time for God to get squeezed out if busy lives get the better of us.

“It’s easy for space or time for God to get squeezed out of busy lives.”

In a recent survey of my readers, 55% said that hearing God’s voice was important to them, but 44% said this was something they struggled with.

Perhaps you feel the same?

How To Hear God’s Voice Made Easy

I wrote How To Hear God’s Voice to reverse that trend. And the good news is that hearing the Lord isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

How To Hear God’s Voice will help you:

  • discover places and times that make it easy to hear the Lord.
  • establish a regular encounter with God, without it becoming a burden.
  • uncover the next steps in your spiritual journey.
  • kick-start your spiritual gift to share prophetic words with others.

My prayer is that this book will help you hear the Lord more clearly, whether you’ve never heard the Lord speak before or are already confident in listening to his voice.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your copy of How To Hear God’s Voice here.


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