4 Steps Prophecy School Bonus Module

1 Module 0 Chapters 8 Lessons Easy-Intermediate

About this course

Find out how to help others to receive and process prophetic words and pictures.

Then learn some practical tips for ministering to people in a group setting.

And discover what happens to our emotions and energy levels, as we minister in the prophetic!

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Intro: How To Help People Understand Prophetic Words

Welcome to your bonus module where we'll look at how to test prophetic words - and more!

To begin, watch this video to help others understand your prophecies.

And don't forget to ask any questions you have, in the discussion area.

Discussion Area

Use this page to ask questions and discuss everything related to the 4 Steps Prophecy School.

Facilitating Understanding: Open vs Closed Questions

Discover some practical tips about personal prayer ministry.

And understand how asking the right questions can open up a feedback conversation, or move things on.

Walking It Through

It's the "truth" about receiving a prophecy that nobody talks about ...but may be wrong in the first place!

Find out how a traditional church attitude towards prophecy can do more harm than good.

Prophecy Brings Connection (Handling Emotions)

Learn about the potential impact of emotions on the person you pray for - and on you.

What Happens When Power Goes Out From Us

Learn about one little-known effect of praying for and prophesying to others.

It happened to the prophets in bible times and it will almost certainly happen to you.

But there is a way around it.

Final Hints

Here are some last minute hints, tips and encouragements for you as you grow your gift of prophecy!


Here are the last few exercises for you to reflect on everything you have learned so far.