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By using the site or making purchases from the website you are agreeing to these Terms.

These Terms Of Use accompany the privacy policy, which you can find here. Content is a website dedicated to helping Christians learn to hear God’s voice and grow in the gift of prophecy.

The scope of these Terms (including any references in these Terms to “”, “Tim Bader Online”, “the timbaderonline website”, “the site”, “the website”, or “the content”) includes all content within the domain (and any sub-domains), including the website and referenced media (such as related videos), as well as associated products and services, which may be free or paid.

The content of may include web pages, articles and other media, including, but not limited to, videos, images and audio recordings.

I reserve the right to withdraw, update or alter any of the content, offers, products or services supplied via the website, free or otherwise, at any time.

Any associated services which may be used by the author in conjunction with the operation of the website (such as email list software, or payment processing websites and software) may have their own separate terms and privacy policies. Please see the relevant websites for details.

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Payment Terms

Most website content is provided for free, although you may be required to enter your email address and other details in order to access the content.

From time to time, some content or products, such as online courses, email courses or books (including eBooks), may be purchased for a fee, either directly from the site, or through another website (either a site also maintained by the author or a third-party service).

Unless otherwise specified by the applicable product or service page, all fees will be payable immediately, in full, in advance of receiving the specific product or service.

Payments for products and services from may attract additional charges from third-party companies, depending on the payment method and currency used.

For example, VAT may apply if you are an EU citizen, or your bank may charge a transaction fee for payment in a foreign currency. You are responsible for checking that all such additional fees are applicable and correct.

Returns and refunds will be handled through whichever service is used for payment, using the original payment method.


No guarantee is given for the substance or availability of the content, free or otherwise. I try to ensure that all information is as up-to-date as possible and base recommendations on that, but I cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

No guarantee is given that a paid product or service will be available on a specific date or dates, although I endeavour to provide excellent customer service and will rectify any technical faults as soon as possible.

Sadly, I cannot guarantee that any product or service provided by the site will result in a specific level of benefit to you, perceived or otherwise.

Unless otherwise stated, I will offer a full refund in the case of non-receipt of paid goods or services offered by the site, on submission of proof of purchase within 30 days of purchase (in the case of email or online courses or live events, please check your Spam folder and other folders, such as Promotions, Updates and other low priority folders in your email client, before applying for a refund). Terms for specific products or product launches may vary: please check at the time of purchase.

Delivery of Products and Services

Some content, free or paid, may be available for download. Such products will usually be delivered immediately, upon payment and/or upon clicking the relevant link or button on the website (or third-party website). For some products, you will receive an automated email which will contain the download link.

Once a product has been downloaded to your local storage (which may be a PC hard drive, tablet, smartphone, eBook reader, etc), then the product is deemed to have been delivered.

Depending on the product, you may be able to download or copy it to other devices, as well. If enabled by the product, you are free to make copies in this way for your own personal use only (please see Intellectual Rights below).

Paid products and services will generally be provided on the date(s) specified in the associated web pages for that product (or pages on a third-party service, if applicable), although no guarantee can be made of this (see above).

Free content is provided from time to time, on an “as is” basis at the time it is published. Occasionally, I may update existing content with new information, but do not promise to do this within specific deadlines.

Non-Payment and Non-Delivery

If payments are not made promptly, or not received, then the associated product or service may be withheld from delivery.

If a paid product or service cannot be delivered to you on the specified dates for technical or other reasons, and if in my judgment the product or service cannot be delivered within a reasonable period of time after the specified dates, then you will be given a full refund for the product or service. In the case of a product or service that consists of a series of sub-products, such as lessons in an email course, then you may receive a pro-rata refund, based on the number of sub-products that had previously been delivered.

Access To Content

As part of accessing the website, you may be required to enter an email address and other details, such as your first name.

Your details will be held securely (in a third-party service, such as an email marketing service) and will not be sold or passed on to other companies or services. The only exception is to integrate the website with specific services necessary for the operation of the website and associated products and services. For example, when you enter an email address into a contact form or answer a survey.

You can unsubscribe at any time.

Please see the Privacy Policy for more details.

Termination of Agreement

Unless stated otherwise, all paid products and services of are sold on an “as is” basis, and the associated transaction forms the complete contract between you and

Termination of the contract occurs when the product has been downloaded, or in the case of email or online courses, when the last sub-product (e.g. email lesson) has been delivered.

All refund requests, for whatever reason, should be submitted no later than 30 days after purchase, along with proof of purchase. If refund requests are submitted outside of this time period, or without proof of purchase, then the refund may be delayed or denied. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Intellectual Rights

All intellectual property rights and copyrights (including the content, the site, and associated products and services) are asserted and reserved by the author, Tim Bader, copyright 2017, perpetually. See Copyright Notice for details.

You may not, in whole or in part, disassemble, reverse engineer, or otherwise reproduce the content, design or hosting environment of the website, or the associated products and services.

You may make a copy of specific pieces of content, products or services, for your own personal use only.

You may not sell, resell, or otherwise use for commercial purposes (non-exhaustive list), the website, the content or associated products and services, online or offline, in whole or in part, including if the original was available free, without prior permission from me.

If you wish to use part of, link to, or quote from, any of the content (either from the website, or associated products and services), online or offline, for non-commercial purposes, you may do so, as long as you explain/reference where the content came from and provide a link back to the source. You may NOT use complete works (such as a complete eBook or lesson from an online course) in this way, without my prior permission.

Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. All brand representations and logos are copyright of the respective company or service, and their presence on this website does not represent an endorsement of or affiliation with the company or service unless specified.

Governing Law and any associated transactions are governed by the applicable national and international laws.

When in doubt about a specific aspect of the site, product or service, UK law shall be assumed to have precedence.

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